UFC: Brock Lesnar Suspended Due to USADA Violations! Fined 250k!

The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) on Thursday issued former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar a one-year suspension stemming from two failed drug tests in relation to his UFC 200 bout against Mark Hunt.

In addition to the suspension, Lesnar has agreed to pay a $250,000 fine as part of a settlement agreement with the Nevada attorney general’s office. His win against Hunt will be overturned into a no contest.

Lesnar twice tested positive for the anti-estrogenic agent Hydroxy-clomiphene in drug tests administered prior to his UFC 200 fight on July 9 against Hunt, first in an out-of-competition USADA drug test on June 28, then in an in-competition test the day of the event.

Lesnar (5-3, 1 NC) initially defeated Hunt via unanimous decision. He earned a then-UFC record $2.5 million purse for his victory, according to NAC documents. The $250,000 fine is equivalent to 10 percent of that purse.


The one-year suspension closely mirrors the punishment received by former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones for a similar infraction and is expected to match the concurrent suspension that will be handed down to Lesnar by USADA, although that case is still in pending.

Lesnar, 39, is a former UFC heavyweight champion and a current superstar in the world of professional wrestling. He made his unexpected return to mixed martial arts for UFC 200 following a five-year layoff from the sport. He will be eligible to return to MMA in July 2017.

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