Top 8 CrossFit Gyms In America

Crossfit Napa Valley – Napa, CA

CrossFit Napa Valley is a tucked away gem that makes you want to start climbing all over everything the minute you walk in. I saw this place personally, and the wide open, 8700 sq.ft. space is great! They offer programs ranging from Intro to Competitor, and the pricing is straightforward with either Unlimited or Punch (w/ Couple & special pricing for active and educators) which is a breath of fresh air with the amount of varied pricing that’s out there these days. A major perk? Unlimited child care is offered here. Now that’s something new! Two coaches that have both qualified and are qualified, and this place is the perfect fitness stop when you need to burn off those wine calories.


CrossFit Belltown – Seattle, WA
CrossFit Belltown is on the list because they are a proven location to get your CrossFit on. A two year winner of Best of Western Washington, CFBT has a month to month membership and offers Basics, CrossFit, Bootcamp, Yoga, Olympic Lifting, and Gymnastics. Their very deep coaching bench boasts long lists of certifications, CrossFit levels, and athletic achievements which means that if you go there to workout, you’re in very capable hands. Their space is large and inviting, and honestly, is quite pretty. Which can be a good distraction while you’re bent over about to hurl from the grueling WOD this location will be putting you through.


 Crossfit Hellgate – Missoula, MT

You know a place must be awesome when it has Hell in the name. CrossFit Hellgate made the list for price and it’s mission: “We are a bare bones, no nonsense training facility that specializes in functional fitness. We offer elite fitness to the masses.” You got to love a Box when they don’t give a crap about impressing you. Their focus is only about making you better, so the $105 Unlimited pricing makes it possible for just about anyone to become better. Some of the best pricing we’ve found on the ‘net, CrossFit Hellgate is also ran by 3 enthusiastic guys who have built an awesome space that accommodates both large and small classes and the hectic full morning and night schedule.



Crossfit Park City – Park City, UT
The last thing you might be thinking after a long day on the slopes is to go beat yourself up in a WOD, but if you live in or visit Park City, CrossFit Park City is the place to do it. A staff that boasts athletes that are as ripped as they are qualified, they have realized the thing that makes any Box great; the people. This place is on the list for many reasons, but their dedication to their community is high on the list. Each of their athletes can be tracked online, with their benchmarks, times, and workouts listed. They have a “Motivation Station” and they promote one of their athletes each month. This is a gym built on their clients, and thats something we love.


Windy City CrossFit – Chicago, IL

Windy City CrossFit is legit. Honestly, pretty legit. They boast a schedule that gives any CrossFitter the option of working out practically all day with their last class starting at 7:30pm. Their programs are extensive as well, running the usual gambit of Beginner, Personal…all the way to Female Specific. That is something we can most definitely get behind. They feature athletes and their PR’s, and feature coaches that have been educated straight through every CrossFit level. This is an involved and dynamic location that deserves any Chicagoans attention.


 CrossFit Gambit – St. Louis, MO

CrossFit Gambit piqued my interest for one specific program they offer: Saiyan Training. What. The. F. That and their StrongMan program, and I’d say this is worth a stop-by. If possible, CrossFit Gambit is more than just their programming. Their coaches look exactly like the coaches you’d want training you, with CF Open qualifiers and extensive experience bringing this place to the top of the pack. Their ladies look amazing and their videos are educational, and one piece of the puzzle that they tackle so well is nutrition. Their recipes are free, while their 2 membership types (unlimited or punch) make this location feasible. You may or may not think of CrossFit when you think of Missouri, but CrossFit Gambit is helping make a strong push to make you see fitness when you come to their state.


CrossFit Framingham – Framingham, MA
CrossFit Framingham isn’t the overly populated, oversized Box some are use to. This place is community built, community recognized. With programming price including open gyms and all yoga classes, the coaches (who aren’t too bad looking if I may say) place an emphasis on community fun. The schedule is full of both WODs and events taking place at the gym. The coaches here are building a CrossFit location to help more people realize why they should choose CrossFit.
CrossFit Framingham


Crossfit NYC: The Black Box – NYC, NY
You’re going to hear about CrossFit NYC: The Black Box a lot. You’ve probably already heard of Black Box a lot. Their presence on this list is no surprise. With multiple locations and an incredibly extensive coaching staff, this CrossFit location has propelled itself to the top of people’s lists for the place to go for CrossFit in NYC. Their schedule extends from the wee morning, to the late evening (last class starts at 8:40pm) and includes CrossFit Endurance and Competition Team. Their site says it all, they aren’t about anything beyond thrusting CrossFit in your face and making you better at it. They are large, they are strong, and they run New York City.


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